Frequently Asked Questions


How long is fulfillment time?

It takes about 2-6 business days to fulfill an order. Then you should add shipping times on top of that. 97.66% of our orders are shipped within 5 business days. More than half of our orders are shipped within 3 business days or less.

Do we ship to all countries ?

we don't ship to some countries because of legal restrictions or shipping carrier limitations. For now, we don't ship orders to Crimea, Cuba, Iran, Syria and North Korea. This list may change periodically. We ship internationally to all other countries!

what shipping methods do you provide ?

Overnight, express, and standard shipping methods


What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We Accept Paypal & Stripe Payment Methods

Are my payment details safe ?

All payment details are securely processed through Paypal or Stripe secure gateways, no info is stored on any platform.

Custom Print Orders

Can i have my own design or photo printed ?

Yes, you can send us your own design, picture etc.. We did not make it public yet, but you still can contact us with your request.
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